Women's Leadership Council Membership

  • Network and unite with other like-minded women leaders of Utah County.
  • Learn about community conditions and help determine Women's Leadership Council initiatives.
  • Serve on the Women's Leadership Council board, committees and United Way funding panels.
  • Participate in hands-on volunteering through Women's Leadership Council and the United Way Volunteer Center in areas that are important to you.
  • Advocate for women and children.

Many women support our mission solely with their membership donation, others desire to roll up their sleeves and work as a volunteer, or provide leadership to Women's Leadership Council. We welcome all levels of participation. 


Membership Levels and Benefits 

In keeping with United Way practice, there are different levels of donation support. The Women’s Leadership Council is open to any woman who applies and donates a minimum of $100 per year to United Way of Utah County. Each donation level has different benefits and service opportunities.  These benefits and opportunities can be modified from time to time as determined by the Board of Directors of the WLC.  

There are three levels of membership!

  • Supporters- those who donate $100-$499 annually to United Way of Utah County. Supporters may serve on Council committees, are included in all communication, and are invited to attend Council community events. They receive a "Live United" t-shirt.
  • Emerging Leaders- those who donate $500-$999 annually to United Way of Utah County. Emerging Leaders receive all the benefits of "Supporter" level, but in addition they are invited to the annual Council retreat. They receive a WLC and "Live United" t-shirt.
  • Leaders- those who donate $1000 or more annually to United Way of Utah County. Leaders receive all the benefits of "Supporter" and "Emerging Leader," but they are also eligible to serve on the Council's board of directors and United Way of Utah County's board of directors. Leaders are invited to special events and are recognized on printed materials and online. They receive a WLC t-shirt, a "Live United" t-shirt, WLC pink hat, and a WLC pin to wear at community and United Way events.                                                                                                               


Anyone is welcome to support the mission of Women's Leadership Council by attending our events or by donating your time, talents or resources.

 Contact shelleyv@unitedwayuc.org for more information.

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